Invisible Heroes | Parox | Eng

Invisible Heroes | 2019



The story is set between 1972 and 1974 in Chile and tells how the young commercial attache of the Embassy of Finland, Tapani Brotherus saved the lives of thousands of Chileans persecuted by the military junta. After the coup, Brotherus received strict orders from his government not to receive asylees. However, following his social vocation and with the support of his wife Lysa, and Ilkka (his second on board), Tapani decides to disobey the instructions of the authorities of his country, protecting in his house and helping to escape from Chile thousands of compatriots. “Invisible Heroes” is a story of courage and audacity in difficult times, where the solidarity of a few, saved the lives of many.


Directors: Alicia Scherson – Mika Kurvinen

Parox Producers: Leonora González – Sergio Gándara

YLE Producers: Pekka Ruohoranta – Jarmo Lampela

Kaiho Republic Producers: Pete Eklund – Liisa Penttilä

Script: Manuela Infante – Tarja Kilmä

Music: Timo Hietala

Cinematography: Harri Halonen

Broadcaster: YLE (Finland), Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN, Chile)

Duration: 6 episodes x 45-50 minutes