MY BROTHER AND I | Parox | Eng



On August 13th, 1999, the corpse of 13 year-old Carlos Patricio Fariña was found by the edge of a road under construction. Carlos was detained in 1973, during Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. The day his body was found, his brother Iván promised to the press he would make Carlito’s story public in Chile and the rest of the world. This documentary film shows how a man starts a search to repair his own amnesia, gather his family and denounce a brutal and irrational act, like the killing of a 13 year-old boy. This documentary was awarded with a Honourable Mention in the 6th International Documentary Film Festival of Santiago 2002.


Duration: 70 minutos

Format: DV CAM

Exhibition Format: DV CAM

Production: Parox

Direction: Sergio Gándara

Executive Producer: Sergio Gándara

Producer: Eduardo Lobos

Screenplay: Paula Sánchez y Sergio Gándara

Camera: Marcelo Alarcón, Mauricio Hartad, Sergio Gándara

Editor: Joana Roachadel, Alicia Scherson

Sound Post-production: Joseph Costa, Juan Pablo Martínez

Original Score: Paulo Paranhos

Financing: Fondo del Audiovisual – Corfo – Fundación Ford