PLAY | Parox | Eng

PLAY | 2005


This is the story of two paths that almost cross. One summer day, Tristán loses his suitcase and his love. The day after, Cristina finds an adventure. Cristina and Tristán walk around a hot and polluted Santiago. He, trying to recover something he never had. She, as the silent witness of his fall. Play is an urban fable, a small pop song about a man that searches and a woman that finds.


Director: Alicia Scherson.

Screenplay: Alicia Scherson.

Production Houses: Morocha Films / Parox / La Ventura.

Executive Producer: Sergio Gándara.

Production Manager: Macarena Lopez.

Director of Photography: Ricardo de Angelis.

Sound Design: David Miranda.

Original Score: Joseph Costa.

Cast: Viviana Herrera – Andre Ulloa – Aline Kuppenheim – Coca Guazzini.

Audience Award in SANFIC and recently four Pedro Sienna awards, Best Film and Best Director, among them. Pedro Sienna from the Chilean Film Council 2006, Best Film 2006, Best Director, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design. Tribeca Film Festival (New York 2005) Best Opera Prima Festival des Films du Monde (Montreal, 2005) GLauber Rocha Award to Best Latin American Film. Santiago Festival Internacional de Cine (Chile, 2005) Audience Award. Valdivia Film Festival (Chile, 2005) Best Actress and Best Soundtrack. Festival Cero Latitud (Ecuador, 2005) Jury’s Special Award. Festival des 3 Continents (France, 2005) Audience Award. La Habana Film Festival (Cuba, 2005) Best Opera prima, Association of Filmmaking Academies. Best Chilean Movie Nominee, Oscar 2006.