Some songs leave marks. Songs that become classics of a culture. This is what program National Anthem wanted to reflect during November 2005 and January 2006. The program intended to reflect those songs of national composers and singers that everyone can hum. Hosted by singer Javiera Parra, the program looked into the history of classics of Chilean romantic, tropical, popular, rock, folk and cueca music. This seven-episode documentary series featured more than 50 musicians as renowned as José Alfredo Fuentes, Luis Jara, Los Tres, Miriam Hernández and Palmenia Pizarro, among others. The project, from Channel 13 Bicentenary Area and La Familia producing company, was directed by Carlos Moen,  had a good reception from the audience and its peers and was nominated to the Altazor 206 Award.


Series written and directed by: Carlos Moena

Executive Producer (La Familia): Sergio Gándara

Executive Producer (Canal 13): Alberto Gesswein

Production Manager: Paula Sáenz-Laguna

General Editor: Jorge Leiva

Journalistic Editor: Leonora González, Jorge Leiva, María José Pavlovic, José Elías

Musicology: Juan Pablo González R.

Camera: Pablo Valdés, Diego Pequeño, Pablo Letelier, Carlos Moena, Catalina Vergara

Direct Sound: Boris Herrera, Alexander Mederos, Juan Pablo Manríquez

Editor: Cristóbal Hurtado, Carlos Moena

Image Post-production: Daniel Dávila, Jaime Gándara

Sound Post-production: Vanya Cosin

Canal Emisor: Canal 13 (C13, Chile)

Episodios: 10 episodes x 60 minutes