DIGITIZED | Parox | Eng



Digitized is an Entel Empresas web docu-reality produced by Parox in which three coaches advice three companies on the path of digital transformation. Week by week, these companies will compete with each other for a millionaire prize.

But digitally transforming a company is not an easy task, that’s why Natalia Espinoza, Daniela Lorca and Inti Núñez, three successful and renowned entrepreneurs, will be in charge of guiding the owners of the Sanguchería Ciudad Capital, the after school Ciudad Dulce and the brand of chlorophyl green juice Verde Puro. For these young entrepreneurs this will be an experience that will be change their business and lives forever.


Directed by: Carlos Moena

Produced by: Sergio Gándara y Francisca Urrutia

Script: Rubens Juarez

Photography Director: Jaime Cáceres

Editors: Felipe Zavala, Claudio González

Duration: 18 capítulos x 5 minutos

Official Site: Link